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Closed as of April 2014

For your pleasure, we sell and custom build 20’, 23’, 26 – 30’,  and
larger 'one-offs' Vintage Style, Classic, Runabouts and Cruising boats.  Our boats have all the antique character and timeless beauty of the cherished Mahogany boats of ‘yesteryear’.  We deliver ‘Classic’ Elegance and a Vintage, Genuine Mahogany Presentation. (We do not use 'cosmetic technology' or try to make fiberglass appear to look like wood.)  Our Boats have improved hull designs and employ complex, hand crafted, manufacturing techniques, materials and finishes that virtually eliminate the typical maintenance still common to the old ‘original’ and currently replicated wooden boats.

Our Boats are built for Eye appeal, Speed, Safe Performance and Soft Ride.  They are outstanding and superior to other craft in the category.   Our Hulls perform flawlessly from Take-off to Wide-Open-Throttle using reliable, low maintenance INBOARD engine installations: We help customers choose from V-Drive, Mid-engine and Forward engine configurations depending on the interior configuration they prefer.  None of these inboard drive trains require any mechanical trim on the hull to fine tune their in-flight performance at any speed. That demonstrates excellence in hull bottom design and complimentary engineering of mechanical drive train installations.  References gladly provided. (Stern-drive packages are available too in most larger models)

Our Hand laminated, Fiberglass Composite hulls are designed to safely deliver the speeds potential with today’s modern engines. These superior hulls are gracefully complimented by hand crafted, cold molded, Genuine Mahogany decks. The fiberglass hull-sides can also be clad in genuine Mahogany planking if desired. (no veneers)  (see two CUSTOM 20' boats "Young Blood" & "Comanche")

Since each boat is custom built, the customer also has liberal input into the design of the cockpit, deck and engine arrangements, interior appointments, wood species and stain colors, making their boat special and unique to them. Engine options are also many depending on the customer’s preferences and boating venue, including fresh water cooling systems for salt water environments and performance out-drives in selected models.   Diesel Marine packages also available.

(We can also custom build your dreamboat completely of Genuine Mahogany using modern ‘cold-molding’ techniques if that is your preference.  Vintage and contemporary designs are available or you can bring us your specifications.)

Hand crafted excellence and Genuine Mahogany Decks, are specially built to
facilitate Maintenance Free Finishes that out last traditional systems.  These benefits add extra, lasting value to the finished product, helping Classic Marine & Classic Craft Boats lead the fleet of ‘current production’ Classics.  We build the ultimate, trailer-able classic runabout, the way the customer should expect it. We are ‘hands-on' involved with building of ALL Classic Marine & Classic Craft Runabouts.  Ones Pleasure and ‘long term’ Satisfaction IS our Reputation !

Signed, Dana Phillips, CEO - CLASSIC MARINE & Classic Craft Boats


‘Replicas’ are typically copies,  (often quite literally), of old boats.
They very often carry with them whatever design characteristics, flaws or
quirks which were inherent in the old original plans. There are lots of old boat copiers 'out there'. Designers and 'improver's' are few and far between, especially in the vintage boat category.  It makes sense to many other builders that .......why redesign old boats when prospects want their boats to look like the old ones.  So the replica builders have done the least expensive and simplest thing and given those buyers what they think they want, a copy of an old boat etc. without the
risks and effort involved with making something better, safer and more user
friendly. It is also our opinion that competitive market pressures are
driving most replica manufacturers to try to build their boats as cheaply as
possible. "Classic Marine & Classic Craft Boats are not inexpensive boats.  My objective will always be to build the BEST, Owner Friendly, Vintage & European Styled runabouts available in the marketplace". BEST usually costs more. The facts are however, model comparisons of 'the competition', with consideration given to the long term benefits of the maintenance elimination and unique design characteristics of our boats, our pricing is very competitive, especially given the custom, non production orientation of our manufacturing process.

Classic Marine & Classic Craft Boats are NOT replicas !  They ARE NOT ‘knock off’ COPIES of somebody's old boats.  Depending on the customers choice, we have rendered either an 'American Vintage' or a European 'classic' character and style in our Runabouts; in their hull designs we have eliminated the often replicated problems of poor handling, poor turning, rough ride, sluggish speed, wet ride from spray, and almost all of the ongoing maintenance that goes along with owning an old original or ‘replica’ wooden boat.

After years of restoring old classics and replacing their worn out bottoms,
Dana developed, tested and implemented bottom designs that make our
new-production boats much more performance oriented while still retaining the classic vintage presentation we all appreciate. Classic Marine & Classic Craft hulls are hand laminated fiberglass composite, and stronger and lighter than anything being built by our 'niche market competitors’. Any color hull is allowed and most admirers ‘assume’ the hull is painted wood, as their admiration is focused on the beautiful Mahogany decks and luxury interiors.  Our Genuine Mahogany decks and Mahogany overlay transom, are Hand Crafted and constructed in a way to insure MINIMUM MAINTENANCE  and MAXIMUM EYE APPEAL.

Our construction techniques also allow the use of more modern and longer lasting finish systems to keep the decks looking like new with little or no maintenance.   Our proved  'rocker' concept hull bottom designs, which
took a long time and a lot of prototype testing to perfect, go fast safely,
turn in a controlled, predictable manner, give a dry ride even in white-cap-chop and bring tears of admiration to the eyes of vintage boat admirers. 

The Custom 20' and Tahoe 23’ Custom Built Runabouts, V-Drive models, with the new Vortec 330hp or 425hp Multi Port EFI Engine, approach or exceed 50MPH (GPS) and leave little ski wake to discuss.  Wake boarders like the V-Drive models which at the slower RPM leaves a good board wake too.  Water Sport TOWERS are also optional and can be designed into the configuration.

Our new 26’-27’ VOGUE - kind of a Contemporary ‘European’, classic Mediterranean Styling, the VOGUE-EXPRESS Classic Cruiser line 30’ – and the new 26’ - 30' American Vintage shaped, antique look/styling hull, offer you many engine, drive train, custom deck, interior and seating configurations.

From our beautiful 20' - 28', Classic Speedboats or Coastal Cruisers with the design and handling to put excitement into the ride at the touch of the throttle, Classic Marine & Classic Craft Boats will meet your every expectation.  We will custom build the right boat for your application in your choice of size and style.  Check out the menu of our wide variety of models on our OUR BOATS link from the HOME PAGE.  We are also capable of building all Mahogany Vintage and modern designs if that is your preference.  Payment is structured in installments tied to construction thresholds.

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