1969 26' RIVA Super AQUARAMA #204
Total Bottom
Replacement / Restoration
by Classic Marine
Riva Super Aquarama ArrivesRemoving the 427 cu inch Big block EnginesRiva's Empty Engine CompartmentKeel CrackedCracked FramesBuilding 'support ponies' before turning boat overRiva - before we turn it overRiva turned over and placed on custom moveable dollyRemoving hundreds of screws from bottomCutting in-between all bottom framesRemoving bow bottom plywoodBottom in-between frames removedBottom Removed Aft ViewAll Bottom ply removed - keel, Chines & frames cleaned to see extent of damageTransom @ ChineTransom @ Keel  - water destructionRemoved rotten 'Transon Clamp' below the water line.Transom @ Chine - water destruction to be repairedTransom @ Chine - Being RepairedTransom @ Chine Being RepairedInternal transom panel reinforcementInternal Transom Panel reinforcementTransom RepairTransom @ Chine RepairedKeel RemovalOld Cracked Keel - See cracks that run the length of the keelKeel RemovedLaminating KeelOLD & NEW KEELKeel Dry fit#2 Aft Rib from Transom#4 rib from Transom (Engine compartment)Cracked Rib #6 from Transom80% of ALL ribs were replacedAll ribs was hard-wood laminated to ply-woodLaminated RibInstalled 'new' Ribs & Gussets96 new Chine Gussets were fabricated & installedLaminated Shaft Log BedsFabricating Shaft Log BedsGluing Battens to add strength to bottom New Ribs & Shaft Log BedsInstalled Shaft Log BedsGluing Keel to frame sets with West Systems epoxyOverall Bottom before Plywood - aft viewOverall Bottom before plywood - bow viewOverall Bottom before plywood - port sideOverall Bottom - before plywoodOverall Bottom - before plywoodBottom Plywood Dry Fit - port sideBottom Plywood Dry fit - port sideRian - tightening clampDana Phillips & Harvey (Projects Manager) putting their eye on the projectBotom PlywoodBottom Plywood - pre-drilled with stainless steal sheet metal screws, ready for installationHarvey - Wetting out bottom plywood with West Systems epoxy - before laminatingRian - Wetting out bottom frames, chine, keel and stringer extentions with West Systems epoxy - before laminatingAft sections epoxy and screwed downMiddle section - starboard side - epoxy glued and screwed downBoth forward sections downCold Molding - dry fitCold Molding starboard side - dry fit Cold Molding - dry fit - port sideHarvey gaining wisdom points from Builder / Designer Dana Phillips - since 19791st layer of bow cold molded with West Systems epoxyHarvey - Planning phase 2 of the bow cold-mold projectSecond layer of bow cold-mold - dry fitStarboard side - cold mold - dry fit completedStarting port side cold-mold dry fitCold Mold complete with screw holes filled with epoxyBow sanded & fair before epoxy slury applicationEpoxy slury applied to bowExposing screws where chine meets the bottom of the hull to refasten and repairRian on top of the Rivafitting fiberglassfiberglass soaked with epoxyepoxy slury over fiberglasssanding hardened epoxy slury for primerepoxy soaked fiberglass on transomepoxy slury applied on transomrolling fiberglass on bottomHarvey, this day he drew the short straw....epoxy soaked fiberglass on bottomepoxy slury on top of fiberglassbottom before primer paintedprimer sprayed on bottomdrilling shaft holes in bottomprepped and ready to flip back overhalfway overRemoving PoniesAllignment of EnginesBattery boxesfinal reinstall of complete rebuilt 427ci  V-8'sstriping exhaust pipessanding for waterline
See Bottom Project Below All in Order of Restoration
Project Completed
by Classic Marine July 2009