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20' Classic*Craft CUSTOM - Utility
Bare 20' Custom HullTabing shearline supportTurning hull overStarboard side combing boardPort Side combing boardStarboard Side Front Cockpit Combing Board dry-fitBridge Deck BattensGluing Dash Frame Ledger for King Plank Batten and future battens Front Cockpit Stringer Riser for Floor BoardsFront Cockpit Floor riser and ledgerFrame Support for Bow Lifting RingFront Cockpit Combing Boards glued inAft shear clamp support & batten grinding stringers to glue floor ledgersFloor LedgersBow FloorFloor Ledgers inside Stringersverticle framing and ceiling panel supportDash Layout & DesignSub-Woofer Box installationMore Aft Floor Ledger BuildingPower AMP Mounting BasePower AMP Mounting BaseGluing Aft Deck BattensGluing Front Cockpit Side Panel Supports (Port)Starboard Side Panel SupportAft Floor LedgersAft Florr Ledgers
Poert Side Front Floor LedgerThrottle & Port Side-Panel Set UpBuilding FloorFitting ExhaustFront Cockpit FloorDesigning Stereo Box in Front Cockpit Side PanelPort Side PanelPort - Front Cockpit Side PanelStarboard - Front Cockpit Side PanelSeat Base RisersAft Seat BaseAft Floor Fore Shear Clamps & Battens glued down Shear Clamps and Battens glued downKing Plank Battens glued downCockpit corner roundsSub-Deck LayoutShaft LogDash Gauges Set-upFloor KickFairing Shear Clamp and BattensBeauty Wood for floorBeauty Wood for KickShapeing Beauty Wood for AFT FloorGlueing Sub-Deck downSanding Subdeck @ HullStereo Compartment in Side PanelBeauty Floors StainedBeauty Floors Stained and SealedInterior Beauty Wood PlanksFramie for DashDash Beauty PlankCombing board Beauty PlanksTransom PlanksBottom Transom PlankBeauty Combing Planks before stainSeat Back PlywoodUnder Bow PaintedBilge PaintedBilge paintedDash & Combing Beauty Planks before stain2nd Epoxy Session on FloorsStarting to Build Swim Platformflag pole stainedflag pole 1st seal coatpolished motor mounts
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Routing Swim PlatformSwim Platform StainedSwim Platform Top SealedSwim Plat bottom sealedTransom StainedTransom Stained & Sealedseat bases painted, stained &  sealedBeauty Floor in place to measure stripe locationAft Beauty Floor before stripe tapeBeauty Floor - Battery Box Holder Port Side AFT Beauty Floor before stripe tapeDash being set up for water testStainless Steal Bow Cut-Water in the sand & polished process Cadence Water TestSanding Sray RailsMounting Spray rail (Dry Fit)front Beauty Floor before tape for stripesfront kick beauty woodTaping Dash for StripesMakeing Patterns for CVR BRDS1st Set of CVR BRDS Glued down to sub-deckKing PlankBridge Deck Kin PlankAFT Dec King Plank2nd Set of Bow CVR BOARDS glued downBeauty Floors before Stripe & UrethaneInterior Beauty Planks stripe & clearStearing Wheel HubBokk Matched Deck PlanksDeck before infield planks are glued down
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The Last Plank Going DownAll Planks Glued DownDeck Before SandingDeck During Long Board SandingBuilding the Engine BoxBuilding Engine Box TopCadence Deck before StainStaining DeckSealing Decksanded for 3rd epoxy sessionAfter 3rd epoxy applicationMaking windshield patternssanding hull for final shootsanding deck for striping.spray rails attachedpolishing hardwareCadence going to the booth for striping and final shoot prepCadence in clean booth for wipe down before striping and prep deck before taping off stripes
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Custom fitting Cut WaterCustom Fabrication of where  Transom Rubrail terminatesNancy & Rian attaching the swim platformDana Phillips sitting on swim platformDelivery of Cadence in Lake Tahoe June 18th 2010