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Dana & Rian,
...hope all is well with you and dad.  Stox 'n Jox is still cookin' in Newport Beach and I'm as thrilled with your creation today as I was the day she was delivered.  She now has 1146 hours on her and continues to perform beautifully in the ocean.  I am still hoping to move her to Lake Arrowhead at some point.  I'm working on that and I'll keep you posted.

Al Marino
Newport Beach, CA
2001 Tahoe 23'  "Stox -n- Jox
"Rhapsody is so much more than we expected  We own five boats and Rhapsody is our favorite, as others have told us it is jaw-dropping beautiful."

Jack Dando
Seattle, WA

2001 20' Racer  "Rhapsody -n- Blue"
"When I decided to get a wooden boat I researched for two years everything about old boats, new boats, who was building them, their designs and the builders track record and reputation.  At the end of the research the answer was clear for me and it wasn't even close.  If you want a beautiful classic style wooden boat, buy a Classic Craft if only the absolute best is what you are looking for."

Dan Ward
Lake Canyon, TX
2010 20' Custom Utiliy  "Cadence"
2000 20' Custom  "Bacchus"
"Bacchus" was named after the Roman god of wine & entertainment.  Bacchus remains stunning and fun after 11 years!

Steve Maysonave
Lake Austin, TX